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The information provided by this area of the site is for information purposes only. The material is in no way intended to replace formal diagnosis by a GP if required.

Where complexity (High, Medium, Low) has been estimated this should be taken a rough indicator only and clearly depends on a number of factors such as severity, duration and underlying issues. Click here to contact us and book an appointment...

Some of the issues listed may require a team effort to include the client's GP, a consultant psychiatrist and perhaps a number of therapists including psychotherapists such as hypnotherapists.

External sites may or may not remain valid over time.

Notes (in a box to the right hand side of the page) seek to provide a general overview in terms of how various forms of hypnotherapy can effect positive change. The notes are however brief and do not seek to document potential interventions in great detail.

Please be aware that self diagnosis of medical issues is fraught with problems and disadvantages. It is perfectly natural to wish to understand your situation but it can be unwise to associate some symptoms with a specific medical condition.

Medically, in most cases it is sensible to leave formal diagnosis to your GP - especially if the condition is potentially serious or of concern.

In particular in a number of cases it is important that physical causes of a problem are eliminated prior to psychological intervention.

Please note that as time passes research studies (where available) will be listed at the end of each issues page.

Many people are aware of the success that hypnotherapy has with smoking cessation, phobia treatment and weight management but there are a wide variety of other issues that can benefit from hypnotherapy. A few are listed below:

Hypnotherapy is completely natural and safe and there are no harmful side effects. When used by a professionally trained and skilled therapist the benefits are long lasting and often permanent.

Common name / AKA  External Link Complexity
Accelerated learning M
Addictions H
Agoraphobia MH
Alcohol Cessation / Control H
Allergies / Psychogenic allergies MH
Anger Management LM
Anorexia nervosa H
Anxiety / Anxiety disorders MH
Assertiveness M
Asthma H
Bed wetting / Nocturnal enuresisMoreM
Bereavement / Loss / Grief / Divorce / Separation MH
Blushing / Erythrophobia M
Bulimia nervosa H
Cardiac Health (Heart Pain / Heart Attack Recovery) MH
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME H
Confidence L
Creativity enhancement L
Decision making L
Driving anxiety / driving phobia H
Eating Disorders / Bulemia / Anorexia / ... H
Emotional issues LM
Glaucoma / some eyesight issuesMoreM
Habits / See also OCDs M
Headaches / See also migraineMoreMH
Healthy eating L
Hypertension (High blood pressure) LM
IBS / Irritable Bowel SyndromeMoreH
Insomnia (See also Sleep) 
Immune system boostingMoreH
Impotence / Erectile dysfunction MH
Indecision LM
Infertility / Psychogenic infertility MH
Interview preparationMoreL
Lack of concentration L
Learning difficulties / ADHD / ADD / ...MoreLM
Memory lossMoreMH
Migraine M
Motivation L
Nail biting L
Negative thoughts L
Obesity / weight control / healthy eating LM
Obsessive compulsions / OCDs - Obsessive Compulsion DisorderMoreMH
Pain control / Pain Management MH
Panic / Panic Attacks / Disorder MH
Performance anxiety / Presentation phobia LM
Phobias / fearsMoreLM
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD - via EMDR) / PTSD MH
Premature ejaculation / Coming too soon M
Problem solving L
Relationships M
Relationship Loss / Divorce, Bereavement, Breakup M
Self esteem L
Skin problems / Dermatology / Eczema H
Sleep Disturbance / (See also Insomnia) M
Smoking cessation H
Snoring M
Social Phobia / Social Anxiety M
Speech impediments MH
Sports Performance M
Stress / Relaxation / See also anxiety / depression LM
Tics / Psychogenic dystonia LM
Tooth grinding / Bruxism MH
Trauma (Via EMDR) / PTSD / Trauma MH
Unblocking creativity L
Unwanted behaviours / thoughts (See also OCDs) LM
Weight control / Obesity / See also eating disorders / obesity MH
And more...

Exit conditions / issues that can be treated using hypnotherapy / hypnosis / NLP and / or EMDR

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