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Helping you to launch your hypnotherapy business

A lot of qualified hypnotherapists struggle to establish a steady stream of clients when they first start out. I have spent more than 3,600 hours working with patients and have been in practice since 1998, full-time since 2003. I have more than 3,000 hours of experience as an international hypnotherapy, NLP / EMDR lecturer. I am also a former senior digital marketeer, digital marketing manager and web developer with experience working on large and small sites, including many of my own.

I therefore have all of the skills and experiences needed to help you to quickly find your feet and to build a thriving practice.

How? I offer a comprehensive Zoom-based mentoring and hypnotherapy marketing service that gives you practical help, advice and / or instruction covering a wide range of marketing tasks. How much time we spend on each area depends on your personal needs.

You will also get the option to access a library of resources and joining my virtual community of start-up therapists!

Some things I can help you with are…

[1] Supervision

Supervision (1:1 or my email/Zoom) covers how to deal with difficult cases, how to deal with ethical dilemmas, how to plan sessions, how to work safely, Covid-19 safety, GDPR and more. I am registered with the BSCH, the Hypnotherapy Directory and the National Hypnotherapy Society as a supervisor.. (£60 per session if booked individually)

Supervision for hypnotherapists, gain a great reputation by successfully treating patients
Marketing strategy advice for hypnotherapists

Marketing Strategy [2]

How to define your marketing strategy, how to define viable long-term goals, how to set your prices, convert enquiries into bookings and how to maintain a good flow of clients…

[3] Web presence & SEO

This includes domain name / Facebook page names, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), how to put together / improve a website, payment options, how to analyse results, generating regular reports, using social media and more…

How to get a hypnotherapy site online
Audio recording for hypnotherapists

Audio Recording [4]

How to make audio recordings, how to easily distribute them to clients and how to make money from them…
Here are some of mine…

[5] Photography / Videos

How to find / select images for your website / social media posts, how to produce effective promo videos, how to generate marketing photos of you…

Photography and video promo advice for hypnotherapists
Therapy software for hypnotherapists

Software Selection [6]

Software to help deliver NLP Techniques / EMDR therapy, CBT desensitization tools, software to manage finances, patient management software selection, marketing tools…

[7] Resources

Images for CBT desensitisation / exposure therapy purposes, where to find images, additional images for use on your website…

Multimedia resources  for hypnotherapists
Training needs analysis for hypnotherapists

Training Needs [8]

How to identify your training needs and source the right course for you and your budget…

[9] Managing Finances

How to declare *self-employment, keep records and *submit your annual returns (*UK clients only)…

Managing finances for hypnotherapists

How I can help you to thrive

A lot of recently qualified hypnotherapists struggle to establish a steady stream of clients when they start out. I can help you to find your feet and to build a thriving practice. I will be with you every step of the way.

Here is an example of how your time can be used:

The benefit to youMaximum TimeValue
1 Supervision
4 sessions at 60 mins each (enough to cover around 50 clients) to be used within 6 months
4 hrs£240
2 Marketing Strategy
30 mins of local competitor research and up to 1 hour talking through my conclusions. We will also discuss your pricing strategy and any niche opportunities.
1.5 hrs£180
3 Web Presence & SEO
1 hour to take you through the available options and set you on the right track (if you have a site already, the time is spent on a detailed SEO review)
1 hour when you are set-up to review your site / page and to review SEO
2 hrs£240
4 Audio Recording
I will send you a comprehensive manual covering every aspect of Audio Recording for therapists that costs £49.50.and I will talk you through the options verbally as well via a 30 min Zoom meeting. I will also give you an example from my stocks.
30 mins£60
5 Photography / Videography
Ultimately you are selling you and people buy from people more readily than they buy from websites, so it makes sense that you need images of you. I will explain the options and what you can do with and without a professional photoshoot. I will show you where to get images for your website and how to generate videos. Up to 1 hour via Zoom.
1 hr£120
6 Software Selection
If you are a Windows user I will give you the Therapists Toolkit from Neuro Innovations which is worth £157.50 and will talk you through the other options including Online EMDR via a 30 min Zoom call.
30 mins£157
7 Resources
As part of the Therapist’s Toolkit you will be given thousands of images for use in therapy sessions as part of systematic desensitization treatments worth £19.75. These can be used on any device, Click here for details…
8 Training Needs
In a Zoom meeting of up to 30 mins we will review your existing training to see where the gaps are and your options for further training.
30 mins£60
9 Managing Finances
In a Zoom meeting of up to 30 mins I will explain what you need to do and the records you need to keep.
30 mins£60
Total overall value10 hrs£1,227
DISCOUNTED COST You Save £72810 hrs£499

Fly higher, faster… Grow your Practice today…

I used Bill’s marketing consultancy service when I was in the early stages of setting up my hypnotherapy business, which was a great decision. He was a tremendous help with a wide variety of marketing needs including branding, social media, SEO and business set up and he always went the extra mile. The process gave me that vital confidence boost to take the first step. I would highly recommend Bill’s services which is a really cost effective way to get started

Startup launch inlcuding site review, SEO, social setup, branding, reporting, image work and more

For only £499 you get up to
10 hours of mentoring and training
to be used within 6 months.
You save £728.

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