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This utility enables you to build your own instant mini-hypnosis session and play the audio immediatly after payment via your media-player (designed for Windows Media Player / Real Player / MPlayer but may play using other players also that support Windows Media formats). For more traditional hypnotherapy downloads click here...

Click here to test your player (Now IE and FireFox compatible).

The audio recordings are recorded by Bill Frost and the quality is almost as good as CD quality.


Please select an induction

The induction phase of a hypnotherapy session is designed to start the process of going into a hypnotic trance. Eye closure is either immediate or after a few minutes.

Inductions tend to be either (P) permissive or (A) authoritarian.

With permissive inductions you are gently guided through the process and instructions are implied rather than highly direct.

Authoritarian inductions are direct, to the point and stated as direct instructions. Authoritarian inductions are not really used in "real" hypnotherapy sessions and are not present on our CDs. They can however be quite effective.


Please select a deepener

The deepening phase of a session takes the level or depth of trance a little deeper (as the name suggests). A countdown can be used or a keyword such as "Nowwww" can be used to generate further relaxation. Over time the word "Nowwww" becomes a conditioned relaxation response.


The "therapy" stage is where the true power of hypnotherapy lies. There can however (of course) also be positive benefits simply from relaxing for a while. This introductory utility contains therapy to deal with a number of issues. For more visit our web-shop.


The objective of the awakening is to return you to normal healthy altertness with your eyes open. There is only one awakening and this has been preselected for you.

Please check the box to indicate that you are NOT...

... and that you are ...

I have read and understood the contraindication checks above

After you click on "Generate session" our server will then assemble your customised hypnosis session and a link to PayPal will then be displayed.

When your Payment has been made your media player will instantly play the entire session.

NB Payment via a PayPal eCheque is not advisable because the audio will only start playing when the eCheque clears (which could take some time).

Many of the examples in this utility are in the style of "traditional" hypnosis. Other approaches are often used during hypnotherapy sessions.

If you want to try hypnosis sessions with more "therapy", more issues, more recent / better recordings and CD quality audio please visit our web-shop.

Please note that copying of audio from this utility or underlying code is strictly prohibited.

Have fun! Bill. © Neuro Innovations / Bill Frost 2007-2014+.

This application has been developed by Neuro Innovations in association with Changing States.


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