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Bill Frost - Hypnotherapy, NLP and EMDR therapist / trainer / lecturer / supervisor

Bill is a senior lecturer with more than 3,000 hours of lecturing experience in the UK and Internationally since 2005. He currently works with the London School of Clinical Communication & Hypnosis (LSCCH). He has previously worked with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, LCCH Asia, LCCH International and as an associate lecturer for the University of West London.

He has taught clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy / EMDR at CPPD / Certificate, Medical Diploma, PG Cert / Diploma, PG Dip / Practitioner Diploma and a variety of CPD Masterclass courses in the UK and internationally in Ireland, Portugal, Malaysia and Borneo. For promo text and images see the end of this page.

What students say…

Energising, fired up my enthusiasm to explore. Loved your style and presentation.

EMDR Course Student

Just wanted to drop you a note to say a huge thank you for a totally inspiring weekend of experiences. The humour was really rather funny and kept us all buoyant and attentive till the end. I was personally impressed with regard to questions you did not have the answers for on on the first day, having been researched overnight and immediately presented to the class first thing the next morning. I very much hope our paths cross again in the future.

Hypnotherapy Course Student

Bill Frost was a very knowledgeable extremely articulate, lecturer who handled a diverse range of topics sensitively and open-mindedly with humour.

Hypnotherapy Course Student

Bill is inspirational. His demos setup a professional challenge – can I ever be that good? Impressive breadth of knowledge on the mechanisms of the mind, both psychological and physiological. Truly excellent.

Hypnotherapy Course Student

The lecture was dynamic and interactive and also allowed for experiential learning in individual group work to practice the major concepts of NLP taught such as anchoring and pain management. The atmosphere was relaxed enough to trust Bill and participate within the audience of the class.

NLP Masterclass student

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Hypnotherapy training

Some of my training courses

Introduction to NLP (1-2 days)

NLP training course

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a personal philosophy and a large body of techniques that facilitate change. This course is designed to summarise the available tools and techniques, and will also seek to explain the philosophy that underpins them. This course is suitable for those with little or no experience of NLP that would like to learn more and will be as interactive as possible.

NLP Powertools Masterclass (1-2 days)

NLP training course

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is said to be a field of study that leaves behind it a trail of techniques – some of which are more effective than others. This Masterclass is designed to equip you with as many of the most powerful and effective of those techniques as possible. You do not need to have an understanding of NLP and do not need to have NLP Practitioner Training.

Each technique has been subtly re-engineered to ensure rapid, easy use in the therapy room. Where appropriate some of the techniques will be demonstrated and / or practiced. However, the day will be fast-paced to ensure that you return home with a tool-box full of highly effective tools and techniques.

Effective stress management using NLP and hypnosis (0.5 days)

This half-day interactive course will enable you to deal with stress in your life using techniques that really work. You will learn how to change how you feel with ease eg to feel confident or motivated or calm, how to relax very quickly, how to relax when in a stressful situation and much more besides.

Hypnotherapy Audio Production Masterclass (1 day)

Hypnotherapy training course

Ever since the advent of tape-recorders, therapists have added value to their treatments by giving patients recordings for use when back home. In many cases there are substantial advantages in patients being able to reinforce key suggestions whenever they need to. This is particularly the case with weight control, smoking and addictions. However, a lot has changed in recent years, both in terms of patient expectations and in terms of the available technology. The result is that many patients now expect high-quality, downloadable recordings and may be unable to play CDs even if they wanted to!

The objective of this Masterclass is to equip you with all the resources, knowledge and information that you need in order to generate high-quality downloads using your computer. You do not need to have the latest computer or expensive audio gear in order to generate good quality audio CDs, downloadable MP3 files and PodCasts.

Introduction to modern EMDR (2 days)

Hypnotherapy training course

Bill offers an intensive 2 day overview of the EMDR as a modern, blended therapeutic tool. The course includes how to most effectively use EMDR Pro (Advanced EMDR Software) to treat patients using EMDR. Other modules within the Therapists Toolkit are also demonstrated where applicable. Traditional methods of generating bilateral stimulation are used in most demonstrations and all practice sessions. This course shows how EMDR can be blended together with aspects of NLP, hypnotherapy and CBT.