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High Blood Presssure or Hypertension

Hypnotherapy notes

Hypnotherapy is very effective way of normalising blood pressure. Change can be so substantial that hypertension medication levels can need to be reduced only a few weeks after starting therapy.

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The heart is a mechanical pump that forces blood throughout our body. Blood is pumped from the heart through the arteries out to all of our muscles and organs. All pumps work by generating pressure and in the case of the heart too much pressure puts a strain on the arteries and on the heart itself. This can eventually cause an artery to rupture or the heart may begin to fail under the strain or in the worst case may stop beating.

Blood pressure depends on two factors:

  • how forcefully the heart pumps blood around the body
  • how narrowed / relaxed your arteries are

Hypertension (high blood pressure) occurs when blood is forced through the arteries at an increased pressure.


In research by Bernard! (1982), hypertensive patients showed themselves to be significantly more effective at controlling cardiovascular responses to stressors in Hypnosis than they were in the normal waking state. This was particularly true for subjects with more marked Hypnotic ability.

In a study by Sletvold (1986), normotensive subjects were shown able to either increase or decrease their blood pressure significantly with Hypnosis.

In a 1979 research study by Jackson, subjects with Hypnotic ability were shown to improve their aerobic performance significantly in response to post Hypnotic suggestion. In addition, subjects with high Hypnotic susceptibility significantly improved their performance in physical exercise using post Hypnotic suggestion.

Kuttner (1988) found that a Hypnotic approach emphasizing storytelling and imagery was significantly more effective than behavioral techniques or standard medical practice in alleviating distress during bone marrow aspirations in young children with leukemia.

Hypertensive subjects were found to have characteristic patterns of increased cerebral blood flow that were most marked in the left hemisphere. During Hypnosis, they could reduce cerebral blood flow more dramatically than could normotensive controls. The changes noted in this research by Galeazzi (1982) were associated with decreases in vascular resistance and diastolic blood pressure in the rest of the body.

Friedman and Taub (1977, 1978) reported the results of a trial comparing Hypnosis with biofeedback or a combination of both in essential hypertension. At the end of four weeks of treatment, all groups showed a significant reduction in blood pressure. But at six-month follow-up only the patients receiving Hypnosis had maintained the reduction.

Generally speaking, literature review supports the value of Hypnosis in analgesia and stress reduction in a number of disorders, whether following the dissociative formulation (Miller, 1986) or a social psychology approach (Noland, 1987).

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