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There are times when we all need gentle assistance to help ourselves change from one state into another. The role of face-to-face and online hypnotherapy / NLP / EMDR is to provide a range of solutions to enable rapid and effective change. More about how hypnotherapy can help

Hypnotherapy / NLP / EMDR to resolve many psychological issues

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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) is a powerful and relatively new form of psychotherapy that is challenging what we believe about PTSD, trauma, emotions and the nature of change. EMDR is the therapy of the future – NOW. 
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I offer a large range of hypnotherapy audio downloads that help to resolve a variety of common issues. You can even construct your own hypnotherapy download

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Does trauma hold you back?

I use a combination of approaches, including EMDR, to safely help you move forward and live your life without undue fear & anxiety… Book an appointment…

Overcome pandemic trauma and PTSD

Bill Frost: Expert hypnotherapist and psychotherapist

Bill Frost: Hypnosis in High Wycombe & Online

I am a DBS-cleared, expert hypnotherapist and integrative psychotherapist based in High Wycombe UK with specialisations in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, BioFeedback, NLP & EMDR trauma treatment. I am also a university-level clinical hypnosis & NLP / EMDR lecturer with more than 20 years of experience as a therapist & coach. About Bill Frost

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Whether you need hypnotherapist supervision, mentoring, training, audio recording help, therapy software advice, or practice startup coaching, I can help you to succeed…
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The wide variety of issues treated via hypnotherapy, NLP and EMDR

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A Few Client Feedback Comments

Therapy for Anxiety / childhood issues*
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the support you have given me over the last few days. I don't know what I would have done if you had not been there. It means so much to know that you genuinely care about your client's well being. [Anxiety / childhood issues]*5

Therapy for Stress and anxiety*
A genuinely life changing experience for me. I felt better after a single hypnotherapy session than I've felt in as long as I can remember. [Stress and anxiety]*5

Therapy for Therapy for Multiple issues*
EMDR enabled me to voice emotions that had been buried - where there was temporarily no emotional strength Bill's techniques/EMDR fueled me to accelerate important life changes. Bill Frost has enabled me to express powerful emotions in a non-destructive way using a calm anchor to stay in control. When the stakes were high at work and in personal life Bill has shown me that 'issues' in themselves are part of a process and that behaviour associated with them can be changed effectively to activate pivotal life changes. BF has has made me realize boundary setting is negating the issue and concentrating on behaviour necessary (in my case to overcome re-training and job interviews). *5

Therapy for Therapy for Multiple issues*
Bill's therapy has been invaluable to me in overcoming the physical and emotional pain of a miscarriage. He has refocused my career and helped me find the strength within myself to make the right personal and professional changes. The EMDR removed the nightmares reoccuring for 10 years and the Timeline therapy placed the incident in my past desensitising the pain of the miscarriage and an abusive relationship. The dirty feeling/grittyness and poor self image I had gradually dispelled as I practised the meditation techniques dispelling the binge comfort eating and self harm destructive patterns. Bill taught me to come to terms with my bi-polar depression triggered by the miscarriage-reactive depression. Within mid therapy session (session 2) I made the move to come off the anti depressants, sedatives and sleeping pills all within the period of 2 weeks while he taught me depression was merely a body's reactive mechanism that could be changed and monitored useing his Time-line and stress management discs and CD's as well as controlled meditative breathing and mind exercises to control emotional pain. Particularly effective was Time-line therapy which combined cleverly the first relaxation technique then the white light healing exercise combined with the reevaluation of the past via Time-line therapy repositioning and desensitising the pain of the past event and objectifying lessons learnt from the past. I have learnt through his leads through Buddhism to gain insight from suffering and am just begining to learn Buddhist meditation techniques to help me even at work to focus more clearly on my observation work with children and pinpoint social sensitivity. Thankyou Bill. You have opened the door that was my self made prison. *5

*Required disclaimer: We provide testimonials to help you gain confidence about how we work and results we achieve. However, please be aware that we whilst we bring 100% of our effort and skill to the process, as with all hypnotherapy / psychotherapy practices, results may vary between individuals. Click here for more testimonials...