Stop smoking or vaping using hypnotherapy and NLP in High Wycombe or Central London
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Help to stop smoking or vaping using hypnotherapy and NLP

*Required disclaimer: Please be aware that we bring 100% of our effort and skill to the process, however, as with all practices, results may vary between individuals!

Smoking 20 cigarettes a day costs at least £2,920 per annum...

Returning to being a non smoker is an investment in your future and your health...

At the close of the smoking cessation session you will be given a variety of support resources including hypnotherapy audio downloads, notes and software as required.

Are you ready to stop smoking?

Stop smoking / smoking cessation CD
The initial intensive vaping or smoking cessation hypnotherapy / EMDR / NLP session takes around 2.0 hours (1:1) or 1 hr 15 mins (online), there are no side effects and you will be completely in control throughout. Most importantly, if possible, you will be helped to emerge as a non smoker again!

What will happen?

Initially time is spent understanding how you relate to smoking / vaping. One or more blocks of hypnotherapy / EMDR / NLP will then follow during which you will experience a very relaxing trance. After the session you will feel calm, positive and confident.

How does it work?

One of the reasons why hypnosis / EMDR / NLP are so effective is because they remove the unconscious triggers which could have kept you smoking and perpetuated the smoking cycle. Also, in situations where you used to smoke you will feel calm and confident.

Hypnosis is a different state of consciousness which you can naturally enter so that, for therapeutic purposes, beneficial corrections may be given directly to your unconscious mind. In the case of smoking cessation these corrections change your relationship to smoking and activate inner resources when trigger situations / times are encountered.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Psychology) is the advanced use of language as well as a series of change techniques that also facilitate rapid change.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) is an advanced hypnotherapy technique with an impressive track record in terms of generating change rapidly.

The long duration of the session is also deliberate - this allows your body time to generate the signs that you have not smoked for while. As soon as the signs appear we remove them rapidly and easily.

Why is hypnosis / EMDR / NLP so successful?

Other approaches to stopping smoking rely wholly on will power which can be mentally exhausting because you are battling against your unconscious mind. Hypnosis boosts your existing will-power and provides you with alternative ways of thinking. With hypnosis there is less to battle with - the desire, the thought will not occur, or occur less frequently, because the triggers that used to prompt you to smoke will no longer have the same effect.

Hypnosis also provides you with new strategies to help you cope with stress on an ongoing basis and ways to overcome exceptional events.

In addition hypnosis can deal with beliefs such as unwarranted fears of weight gain. Hypnosis deals with the full range of anticipated withdrawal symptoms by replacing them with calmness, confidence and control.

NLP provides ongoing tools they can can be applied to any aspect of your life - not just smoking. During the session you are taught how to use several of the most effective NLP techniques.

What do I do next?

If you want to give up smoking in a single session of hypnotherapy / NLP, then first congratulate yourself on making that decision. Then make contact with Changing States. That is all that it takes to stop smoking permanently using the easiest & most successful approach available.

Ongoing support

Ongoing support is provided in terms of a Client Support Zone accessed via this web-site, information packs, audio downloads and a free additional boost session if required.

How does hypnosis compare to other routes?

Type of Program No. of Studies Total Sample Mean Quit Rate Control Adjustment Net Effectiveness Relative Effectiveness Success Ranking
Cardiac patients 34 4,553 42% 6% 36% 0.83 1
Hypnosis 48 6,020 36% 6% 30% 1.00 2
Miscellaneous 10 1,400 35% 6% 29% 1.03 3
Pulmonary patients 17 1,661 34% 6% 28% 1.07 4
Smoke aversion 103 2,557 31% 6% 25% 1.20 5
Group withdrawal clinics 46 11,580 30% 6% 24% 1.25 6
Acupuncture 19 2,992 30% 6% 24% 1.25 7
Other aversive techniques 178 3,926 27% 6% 21% 1.43 8
Five-day plans 25 7,828 26% 6% 20% 1.50 9
Educational 27 3,352 24% 6% 18% 1.67 10
Medication 29 6,810 18% 6% 12% 2.50 11
Enhanced physician advice 16 3,486 18% 6% 12% 2.50 12
Nicotine gum 40 4,866 16% 6% 10% 3.00 13
Self-care 24 3,585 15% 6% 9% 3.33 14
Physician advice 17 7,190 7% 6% 1% 30.00 15
Totals 633 71,806
Averages 26% 20%

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Required disclaimer: Please be aware that we bring 100% of our effort and skill to the process, however, as with all practices, results may vary between individuals.