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Alcohol Cessation: Staying Sober

Hypnotherapy: Alcohol Cessation: Staying Sober

Relaxation is induced using a favourite place of relaxation induction and then direct suggestions are given to encourage alcohol consumption cessation. Awakening with confidence boosting is present.

45 mins / 41 MB / MP3 version of our CD.

About this hypnotherapy audio download

This recording uses strong direct suggestions to install "no desire to drink alcohol". The type of alcohol is not specified. The "no desire to drink alcohol" feeling is linked to a variety of common situations as well as generally. The session concludes with confidence boosting to instil a sense of freedom and control. This audio should only be used by those wishing to STOP DRINKING alcohol completely.

Relaxation music is present at the beginning of the session and motivational music is present at the end of the session.

Low frequency bilateral Mindsync audio is present as a background to the hypnotherapy part of the session.

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