There are times when we all need assistance to help ourselves change from one state into another. The role of psychotherapy is to provide a range of solutions to enable us to achieve change rapidly and effectively.

Psychotherapy is an umbrella term used to describe a therapist with skills in a number of areas of psychology. In the case of Bill Frost these areas of study and interest include:-

In all cases a client's individual needs and preferences are taken into consideration when developing a therapeutic approach for that person. We are all individuals and it follows that therapy should also be individually designed for the individual.

To show why a broad approach is critical the following example shows how a dog-phobia can be expressed ("done") in at least two very different ways. Because we have different ways of "doing" our issues it stands to reason that we also need a number of approaches to "undo" them. "Brain function and how we 'do' phobias"

Client confidentiality is of great importance and is assured at all times. All work in undertaken in accordance with the code of conduct set by the BSCH.

Depending on the situation sessions range from 45 mins to several hours. (See also Personal Breakthrough psychotherapy Sessions).

Theraputic work undertaken by Changing States is recognised under some private health insurance schemes and by the NHS in some circumstances.

System dynamics view of human psychology

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