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Audio CDs and software utilities are generally provided on a free of change basis to all clients for their own use only.

Generate your own low frequency audio

Exit generate your own low frequency audio click here

Brainwave Entrainment Software

To enable you to experience hypnotherapy at home a range of affordable audio CDs and downloads are available. The CDs / downloads reinforce the hypotherapy room experience and can be customised to your individual needs on request.

Hypnotherapy / CBT audio downloads

Examples of current CD / download titles include (see our webshop for details of CDs, a list of our downloads is provided below):

1 Hypnotherapy

2 Low frequency audio



Psychotherapy software downloads provided by Neuro Innovations

Exit of current psychotherapy software downloads include:

Most of the software products are available on a "download and use instantly" basis

Please click here to place your order via our secure web store (powered by PayPal - accepts most credit / debit cards).

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Clients: In most cases free CDs are provided as part of therapy sessions - please ask if you would like a customised CD.

Brainwave Entrainment And Hypnosis Software

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