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NLP helps develop a genuine understanding of the value of excellent communication in all walks of life - and the skills with which to achieve this.

The training leads to greater self-confidence and self-esteem.

It helps many people clarify their direction in life and gives them the skills to achieve more of their potential.

The training makes people aware of the importance of knowing themselves, and enables them to become more congruent - and more fully themselves.

They greatly enhance their ability to listen to others and utilise questioning skills to find out what is really meant - leading to greater clarity and far fewer misunderstandings.

Participants are able to get on with and understand a wider variety of other people.

MANAGERS are able to build more fruitful business relationships with a wider variety of people

They have a greater success rates in both the planning and achievement of defined objectives

They are able to lead their people through periods of change by taking with them all of the positive by-products of the current situation, thus reducing resistance,

By developing a greater awareness of how individuals are motivated, managers are able to enhance the performance of their team

They prepare for and run more effective meetings, especially those that may involve conflict

They are able to use one-to-one coaching sessions as a vehicle for appraisals, mentoring and training

EDUCATORS AND TRAINERS are better able to make their trainings come alive and be memorable by using sensory-based language and descriptive metaphors.

They have greater confidence and presence when presenting in front of a group.

They are better able to accurately assess the needs of a group and be flexible in the way that they meet those needs.

By understanding different learning styles, trainers develop multiple descriptions for the learnings they wish to deliver.

By stimulating a desire to learn, and motivating people to do so, trainers consistently increase participant involvement.

Trainers are able to plan and structure their course for maximum learning and integration of the skills within the time available.

SALES PEOPLE are better able to develop long-term relationships for long-term business results. By creating a win-win outcome, they are able to minimise buyer remorse.

Improved questioning techniques enables sales people to more accurately define customer needs and stimulate the desire to buy.

By understanding their relationship to time and organisation, they are able to make more use of prime selling time

With the use of sensory language that corresponds to customer preferences, they are able to present their products with greater impact.

Being able to control their own frame of mind, they become more resilient and less susceptible to rejection.

By reading the responses to their actions, and developing greater flexibility, sales people continually improve their skills to achieve more consistent results.

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