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How do you think?


We tend to think in terms of images, sounds or feelings. These are known as the primary modalities - Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic (Feeling). There is a level of overlap between the modalities but many people have a distinct preference for one specific modality.

This test is designed to identify what your primary modality might be - albeit in very rough terms. There are no right or wrong answers.

To complete the test simply answer each question with 1, 2 or 3 as follows and then click on the "evaluate" button:

  • Seldom/Never (1)
  • Sometimes (2)
  • Often (3)

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To complete the test simply answer each question with 1, 2 or 3:

  • Seldom/Never (1)
  • Sometimes (2)
  • Often (3)
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     I get uncomfortable sitting at a desk for long periods of time.
     I like using my hands to make things.
     I'm not very good at interpreting an individual’s body language.
     I start a project before reading the directions.
     I remember information better if I write it down.
     I doodle and draw pictures on the margins of my notebook pages.
     Music or background noise distracts my attention from the task at hand.
     Looking at the person helps keep me focused.
     I take frequent study / work breaks.
     I need a quiet place to get my work done.
     I have trouble following lectures.
     I often misread words from the text-(i.e.,them for then).
     I enjoy sports and do well at several different types of sports.
     I have a difficult time giving step-by-step instructions.
     My eyes tire quickly, even though my vision check-up is always fine.
     When I read, I need to use my index finger to track my place on the line.
     I like to read my textbook while riding an exercise bike.
     If I hear something, I will remember it.
     I prefer first to have something demonstrated to me and then to do it myself.
     When I take a test, I can see the textbook page in my head.
     I use the trial and error approach to problem-solving.
     When I follow written directions to somewhere I get lost.
     My papers and notebooks always seem messy.
     I have to rewrite or type my class notes to reinforce the material.
     I need to write down directions, not just take them verbally.
     I prefer watching films rather than reading books.
     I would rather listen and learn than read and learn.
     Pages with small print or poor quality copies are difficult for me to read.
     I react very strongly to colors.
     Writing (eg an essay) has always been difficult for me.


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