Social clubs and related activities in High Wycombe.
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Social activity in High Wycombe

Social life

Like it or not human beings are social creatures. We enjoy the company of others and some would contend that we need social interaction.

Buddhists believe that we are all inter-connected and depend on each other. (What would you have if you gave back everything that you had ever been given by another person eg parents, teachers, friends). This view is also held by the humanistic psychology movement.

It is let's say an often stated belief that there is insufficient social activity in High Wycombe. Perhaps so, perhaps not. This page is designed to show that options do exist in central High Wycombe...

If you know of other activities in the area to add to this page please send in details. More...

Amnesty International

Meetings every 3rd Thurs of the month 7.30-9.00 PM. Help campaign against unjust treatment of others.

Badminton Club High Wycombe

Who are we? We are a badminton club based in High Wycombe, Central London, Bucks. We have around 36 members. Where do we play? At the Wycombe Badminton Centre, Crest Road, High Wycombe.

Chiltern IVC

Chiltern IVC was formed in January 1995 by a group of older Herts and Beds members to cater for the over 35 age group. It is intended to be a natural progression from Herts and Beds IVC which has always sought to cater for younger people. It is a friendly and informal club offering a variety of social, sporting and cultural activities for graduates, professionals and like minded people. Events are organized by members for members and published in the club's monthly bulletin.


Meetings every 2nd Tues of the month at the cricket club 8.00-9.30 PM. Help raise money for charity and in return go along to social events.

Needham Bingo & Social Club

Call 01494 521-523 for details. Essentially Bingo!


Charitable society / social club for 18-30 year olds.


Help the community by volunteering some of your time.

Wycombe Society

Various sub groups meet on a monthly basis. Help change High Wycombe from within.

Wycombe Museum

Priory Avenue, High Wycombe. "Wycombe Museum has new and exciting hands- on activities with revamped displays that opened in 1999. It is a great place to discover the fascinating and varied history of the District - and of course the renowned collection of Windsor chairs." Exit

Wycombe Society for the Performing Arts

Based at the Swan. Perform on stage or help out back stage.

Yoga and Meditation

Click here for more details

Online friends

Make friends in Wycombe online Exit

Walks in the area

Walks in the High Wycombe area

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