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Walks in the High Wycombe Buckinghamshire area

About our woodland / forest areas: Prior to deforestation after the 1700s most of the UK was covered by ancient forests. In the 2000s we are left with a few isolated large forests and a large number of increasingly fragmentated woodlands. Ancient woodlands are very rare, most woodlands / forests are managed as "wood-farms" with pine being the main "crop". Pine tends to preclude the growth of other types of plant / tree by blocking out light unless it is carefully managed and thinned periodically. The older a tree gets the more CO2 it absorbs from the atmosphere, a tree less than 15 years old absorbs very little CO2 at all.

The High Wycombe area has excellent facilities for those that enjoy spending time in the countryside. Walking is a very good, low impact way of keeping fit and has positive benefits both physically and mentally. Here are a few of the options available (check all routes before setting off):

West Wycombe Woods, Hill and Caves (3 Miles from High Wycombe)

Description: Plenty of variety, mostly circular routes, some great views down to West Wycombe Park and a good chance of spotting a deer or two. There are two main paths - one behind the church car park and the other down the hill from the church that heads over the road, then over the rail tracks and into the woods beyond. Insensitive harvesting in 2012 and 2018 means that there are blocks where all trees have been removed and replanted with seedings.

Location: Just beyond West Wycombe on the West Wycombe Road from High Wycombe (A40 / Church Lane) Route planner

Features: Woodland, caves with cafe, church, West Wycombe Park (National Trust)

Wildlife: Muntjac deer, red kites, can be affected by horse flies in Summer, squirrels

Rating: 3-4/5 *****

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Rye River and Woods

Description: Good short walk in close proximity to High Wycombe town centre

Location: A40 London Road

Features: River, woods, park-land, outdoors swimming pool, visiting fair / circus sometimes

Wildlife: Ducks, swans, coots, moor hens, squirrel

Rating: 3/5 *****

Hughenden Woods (1.4 Miles)

Following the construction of a new car park the main parking at Hughenden is currently being charged at the rate of £4.75 per person for non National Trust members. The nearest free car park is down by the church some 500 M away from the start of the woods near the main car-park and at weekends spaces are hard to find. NB: The walk to the main car-park and the start of the main walking areas is quite steep and requires good levels of fitness. See letter of complaint and please do raise the issue with your MP and the Planning Dept (contact details are in the letter).

Description: Several circular routes with real variety and good scenery

Location: On the A4128 (HP14 4LA) Route planner

Features: Manor house, woods, fields, ponds (in the making), tea shop, toilets, National Trust shop, walled garden near the manor, WWII communications room (when open)

Wildlife: Cows, sheep, badger dens, deer

Rating: 4/5 *****

Hambleden Lock (10 Miles)

Description: Scenic and dramatic with fast flowing water, but no circular routes

Location: A4155 / After Mill end - between Henley and Marlow Route Planner

Features: River, lock, wier, white water

Wildlife: Ducks and swans

Rating: 3/5 *****

Cliveden - Woods and River (5 to 8 Miles)

Description: Excellent circular walks in idyllic surroundings immaculate gardens and great fun getting lost in the maze

Location: Near Taplow (SL6 0JA) Route planner

Features: Manor house (NT), river, woods, ornamental gardens, maze, coffee shops (avoid the huge savory scones), fish ponds

Wildlife: Ducks, Egyptian geese, fish (carp in ponds)

Rating: 5/5 *****

Bradenham / Naphill Common (4 Miles)

Description: An area of mature woodland with some great circular walks

Location: Near Bradenham (HP14 4HF) Route Planner

Features: Woodland, at least one very photogenic tree (directions above)

Wildlife: The Stag Beetle

Rating: 4/5 *****

Marlow Common / Pullingshill Woods (6 to 8 Miles)

Description: A large area of woodland with multiple circular routes and WWI history

Location: Just outside Marlow in the direction of Henley (SL7) Route Planner

Features: Woodland, WWI trench warfare training camp

Wildlife: Minimal

Rating: 3/5 *****

Marlow River

Description: Non-circular routes up and down the river bank in either direction

Location: Marlow

Features: River

Wildlife: Swans, ducks

Rating: 3/5 *****

Coombe Hill (12+ Miles)

Description: Unknown

Location: Near Wendover

Features: Unknown

Wildlife: Unknown

Rating: ?/? **

Wendover Woods (14 Miles)

Description: A large area of mainly pine woodland with good facilities and bluebells in Spring

Location: Near RAF Halton (HP22 5NF) Route Planner

Features: Cafe (Excellent bacon sandwiches (before the cafe decided that bacon sandwiches should only be consumed at breakfast time)), toilets, picnic facilites, a GoApe is supposed to be nearby

Wildlife: Minimal

Rating: 3/5 *****

Burnham Beeches (8 to 11 Miles)

Location: Near Taplow (SL1) Route Planner

Features: Woods, stream, ponds, excellent bacon sandwiches

Wildlife: Ducks

Rating: 5/5 *****

Brush Hill - Princes Risborough (8 to 11 Miles)

Location: Near Princes Risborough Route Planner

Features: Woodland, gentle hills, views, excavated long barrow

Wildlife: Kites

Rating: 3/5 *****

Swinley Forest (26 Miles)

Description: A very large area of forest with good facilities at the Lookout, a fire in 2011 did not affect any of the areas of forest that are accessible to the public, pine is the predominant tree

Location: Near Bracknell (RG12 7QW) Route Planner

Features: Iron age hill fort, lake, cafe, The Lookout (hands-on science exhibition), mountain biking, Go Ape

Wildlife: Ducks, squirrels

Rating: 5/5 *****

Cowlease Woods / Aston Rowant Woods (Bluebells in Spring) (Approx 12 Miles)

Description: A large area of woodland with carpets of bluebells in the Spring and many circular routes, the nearby Aston Rowant circular path has some great views but is a little too close the M40 for some

Location: Near Stokenchurch / Lewknor off the A40 (Grid ref SU 726 957) Rough Route Planner

Features: Woods, bluebells in Spring in Cowlease wood

Wildlife: Red kites (aparently)

Rating: Spring 5/5 *****, Summer *****, Winter *****

Hanger Woods near Freith / Turville




Rating: ?/5 *****

The Living Rainforest - Newbury (38 Miles)

Description: Transports tropical rain-forest into rural Berkshire, a great day out when it's raining

Location: Near Newbuy (RG18 0TN) Route Planner

Features: Tropical jungle, cafe, toilets, free return trips for 1 year

Wildlife: Dwarf crocodile, toucan, butterflies, basilisk lizard, snakes, basilisk lizard, marmosets

Rating: 5/5 ***** (At its best in summer months)

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