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Xmas Relaxation Special - Only £30 per session

Xmas Survival Tips

Put together a plan of action

Do as much in advance as possible

Delegate! Delegate! Delegate!

Remain flexible

Put perfectionism to one side for a while

Remember that you can't please everyone

Take time-out to relax

Christmas can be a stressful and emotional time of year - but does not need to be! This year we have developed a cut-down form of hypnotherapy designed to generate rapid, deep relaxation so you can keep your cool during what can be a very busy time!

before Xmas!

Because our main objective is simply relaxation we have reduced the session length to 30 mins to fit in with your busy schedule.

As part of the process we use:

  • A brief EMDR taster
  • Hypnotherapy including methods covering:
    • Learning to relax
    • All the time you need
    • Looking forwards to Christmas
    • Being flexible
    • Remaining calm
    • ...
  • Low frequency audio / bilateral EMDR audio
  • Ultra comfortable self-massaging therapy chair
  • And more besides...

You will also be taught a self-hypnosis relaxation technique so you can continue the process of being more relaxed when back at home as you prepare for the holiday season. (There's nothing to remember - you will be given instructions to take home with you).

You will also be given a free hypnotherapy CD just in case you don't have time to do self-hypnosis.

This is a great way to experience hypnosis and relax before and during the Xmas holiday period.

If Xmas in not a great time of year for you or you don't celebrate Xmas as such then we can adapt the mini-session accordingly.

If you're looking for a Christmas gift then why not consider a few hypnotherapy sessions. More...

Xmas gifts for the impossible to buy for...

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