Thought Field Therapy - home use of the main TFT techniques explained
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TFT - Thought Field Therapy

TFT Background

TFT Software

Exit software based approach to TFT is now available from Neuro Innovations.

Roger Callahan, PhD and Joanne Callahan, MBA first published "Stop The Nightmares of Trauma" in 2000 and was followed by a variety of published papers.

Dr Roger Callahan is a clinical psychologist in practice since the 50's. He pioneered a process referred to as "Thought Field Therapy" (TFT) to treat patients.

There are different protocols or algorithms for different issues such as trauma, depression and anxiety. The technique involves tapping specific points on the body in a specific order. Initially this concept may appear to be slightly strange - but it is effective and can be used at home.

When TFT is an appropriate solution results are generally very rapid and lasting. When asked to rank how you feel on a scale you will need to be as objective and accurate as possible in order to judge change over time.

The Tapping Points

The Techniques

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