Prepare to stop smoking in one session of hypnotherapy
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Prepare to return to being a non-smoker...

Part of you€¦

NLP Power Tools

How you feel about smoking WILL change... This is one of the NLP tools used to implement that change... This technique simply loosens the concrete... More about NLP aversion software to help you quit smoking...

We know that you're a smoker and no smoker really wants to stop but part of you wants to return to being a non-smoker, and that's the role of hypnotherapy - to boost that part of you that wants to return to being a non-smoker.

Be careful what you focus on¦

You get what you focus on - therefore it's important to focus on the way you want to be rather than on the obstacles that you may or may not encounter, and by focusing on your goals (outcomes) you may even find that what you once thought of as obstacles become less important or even disappear entirely.

Focus on positives€¦

Our unconscious minds are very good at automatically deleting the word NOT. For example, try right now to not focus all of your attention onto your right hand. Try as hard as possible to not focus all of your attention onto your right hand. Therefore focus on positives "I am ...".

All the resources you need€¦

Our nervous system contains more neural connections that all the grains of sand in the world - but we consciously use only about 10% of that vast pool of resources. But those resources are there - all that you ever need - and the purpose of hypnotherapy is to give you access to all of the resources you need, whenever you need them.

Smoking is binary¦

It is true that there are people that can smoke one cigarette a day. But they are not and will probably never be smokers. You have been a smoker and that means that for you, you can be a smoker or a non-smoker - there's nothing in between.

Smoking categories...

Non-smokersAll smokers were once non-smokers. The objective of therapy is to return incongruent smokers to the non-smoking category. Simply put they have never smoked and they do not want to smoke. They may have tried to smoke once but did not like the experience.
Congruent smokersCongruent smokers have taken a decision to smoke despite being aware of the dangers. They generally have not encountered health issues related to smoking. Simply put they smoke and they want to smoke. Most congruent smokers evolve over time into incongruent smokers.
Incongruent smokersIncongruent smokers may very well have encountered health issues related to smoking and may well have tried to quit - probably serveral times. Simply put they smoke but do not want to smoke.

Stress situations€¦

Stressful situations are unavoidable. If you're house burns down - why make it worse? If you're having a run of good luck - why fight against it? When encountering stressful situations in the future you will be able to respond in new, highly effective ways.

Just one cigarette - the first€¦

Returning to being a non-smoker is just not smoking that first cigarette, and every cigarette that you have ever smoked has been a first cigarette. Being a non-smoker is just about not smoking one cigarette.

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