NLP technique to shift internal feelings by spinning them away
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NLP Spinning Technique

Can be used to remove simple feelings of hunger, cravings and reducing the feelings associated with some forms of fear.

Push it out Become aware Change colour / direction Pull it back

Step 1

Direct your focus of attention to your body. Notice your internal bodily sensations for a moment.

Step 2

Think about what you are fearing / desiring and notice the movement of that feeling (it will probably start in your tummy and move upwards towards your head or mouth).

Step 3

Using your power of imagination take this feeling out of your body and in your mind's eye see it spinning in front of you like a wheel.

Step 4

Then imagine what colour it is and change the colour to something more pleasing.

Step 5

Then reverse the direction of the spin perhaps by turning the wheel upside down so that the wheel is spinning in the opposite direction directly in front of you.

Step 6

Then pull the spinning wheel back into you.

Step 7

Continue spinning the feeling in the opposite direction. The feeling should now be moving down through your throat into your chest and tummy ie down instead of up.

Step 8

Spin the feeling faster and faster until the it reduces and / or eventually disappears.

If symptoms do not reduce then seek external assistance or try another approach.

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