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Site policies and terms and conditions

Site Mission

The Changing States website was setup by Bill Frost to promote the concept of clinical hypnotherapy generally as well as to promote the services of clinical hypnotherapists in the first instance within the High Wycombe area.


Your contact details inclusive of your eMail address remain totally confidential and will never be divulged to a third party without your permission in advance.

Newsletter eMailing list: The eMail address that you supplied when signing-up for the Newsletter is held by a secure third party and is never communicated onto other parties. Exit


Cookies are used minimally within the site and are not used to track movement through the site or other sites visited.

Cookies are used e.g. to enable passwords to be remembered and to restrict the presence of special announcement windows.

Ad Ware

This site is 100% Ad-Ware free and we will not link to any site that we know does have anything to do with Ad-Ware.

To remove Ad-Ware we suggest you try "Ad-Aware" Exit

Computer Virus Infection

Every file and eMail related to this site is scanned at source and by our ISP for anything that could be a Computer Virus. As far as is possible we can certify that this site is Virus Free.

To identify / remove viruses try the scanner AVG Exit anti virus system)


All client records remain 100% confidential (the law of the land not withstanding). This site and the server on which this site resides contains no personal or confidential information what so ever. eMail data is stored on the server only briefly.

Medical Advice

All information provided by this site is for information purposes only. The material is in no way intended to replace formal diagnosis by a GP or specialist consultant if required.


Please note that this site does not receive funding from advertising as such. Any links provided to other sites or banner adverts are for information purposes only and do not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by Changing States.

Exceptions to this are:

  • Products and Services advertised by therapists associated with Changing States
  • e.g. Bill Frost, Neuro Innovation (Software / Consulting) and associates
  • google adverts

Where appropriate the title "Advertisement" may appear above any content that seeks to promote a specific product or service in particular on the "issues" pages.

Most links outside the Changing States site will be indicated as such with the following symbol Exit


To assist the vision impaired the homepage in particular of this site has been designed with a built-in magnifier (operates if javascript is enabled):

Zoom back to 100%
Zoom in to 130%

All other pages have a similar function built-into the top menu "Zoom in|out".

Client Side Scripting

Some facilities within this site (e.g. the Shop) require JavaScript (Client side scripting) to be enabled in your browser settings. If you can see an image saying "Products" to the right of this paragraph then JavaScript is enabled in your browser settings. If you can't see an image and you do want to use the web shop then please click here for detailed instructions.

Client side scripting (JavaScript / VBScript / Java) is also used as follows:

  • To validate all web forms
  • To provide some of the interactive content
  • Searching
  • ...

All of the scripts are safe. They do not install any form of software on your system at any time and do not copy personal information from your system. (Client side scripting is very limited in this respect anyway - server side scripting is arguably much more flexible and therefore arguably more of a threat). The scripts on this site are safe and we advise that you add this site to your trusted zone for security purposes.

Scripts are tested within the IE environment (some have also been tested in the AOL / Netscape environments - but by no means all). Because of this we verify that scripting will function within IE and probably other systems.

Safety Rating - Protecting Children Online

We have rated this site as follows:

  • No nudity or sexual material
  • No violence
  • No potentially offensive language
  • No material that might disturb very young children
  • No unmoderated chat rooms

Specific pages that may be unsuitable for very small children will be rated differently as required. Caution is advised in terms of the 'issues' pages.

Broadband V Modem

This site has been designed to be accessed via a modem. For this reason there are very few large Flash animations or images present within the site.

Link Validity

Internal links are approx 98% valid at any one time.

External links are more difficult to control / validate and are validated on an irregular basis. These are indicated by the Exit symbol

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