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It has been known for generations that rythmic sounds can change the way that we feel. Buddhist monks use drums and chimes to help them maintain deep meditative states.

Our brains appear to have four distinct bands of activity as follows:

  1. Beta (Altertness / focus / clear thinking) 13-40 HZ
  2. Alpha (Relaxation / visualization / creativity) 7-12 HZ
  3. Theta (Meditation / intuition / memory) 4-7 HZ
  4. Delta (Detached awareness / healing / sleep) 0-4 HZ

Each state can be generated by listening to specially designed computer generated audio. 4.5 beats / cycles per second tends for example to generate theta brain waves. Our minds appear to automatically synchronise with the audio signal remarkably easily.

When combined with bilateral stimulation (tracking from left to right and back again) the effect is maximised and activity between the hemispheres seems to become more balanced. This can enable situations to be viewed more logically and less emotionally. Bilateral stimulation also appears to generate an automatic relaxation response.

We use these technologies to provide MP3 downloads which cycle down from Beta to Theta or Delta, with hypntherapy audio mixed in as the frequency passes through the Alpha or Delta phases. The direct suggestions within the hypnotherapy audio greatly increase the relaxation effect of the underlying Mind Sync audio.

There has been considerable research into these effects and these approaches should not be viewed as being in any sense esoteric. Audio that claims to generate sound frequencies in the range of 1 to 30 HZ should however be disbelieved. Put simply most audio gear currently available cannot generate or process such low frequencies. This area of research remains in the domain of audio specialists and the military.

It is only recently that it was discovered that clearly audible sounds that pulse at a low frequency generate the same result without needing to generate ultra low frequencies directly.

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