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About our instant download hypnotherapy & hypnosis audio files
For self-hypnosis use

Types of approach

We employ a variety of approaches and have selected the most appropriate approach for the specific issue being dealt with.

Who is the therapist?

All of the hypnotherapy audio files are recordings of the voice of Bill Frost. Other recordings eg of CBT desensitisation audio are provided via Neuro Innovations.

What format are they in?

The audio files are in MP3 format to facilitate easy downloading and playing. Many of the files are under 10 MB.

Where indicated we have converted our hypnotherapy CDs into MP3 format. The files in these cases will be approx 30 MB.

Are audio files as good as in person therapy?

No. A 1:1 therapy session will result in better success rates in more or less all cases even if a very similar is approach is used in both cases. This is because 1:1 sessions can be better customised to you as an individual both in terms of timings and in terms of the content of the session.

What about copyright?

The audio files for your own personal use only and may not be copied for distributed to others by any means.

To help enforce this we track access to the downloads and have time-limited the download links.

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