Directions to Changing States from London by train
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Directions from London to High Wycombe by train

Why High Wycombe?
  • Lower session fees
  • Only 25-40 mins away passing through lots of pleasant countryside
  • Getting totally away from your issues - Changing States physically in order to Change States psychologically

The Directions

Get to Marlebone tube station via the Bakerloo line (this is where you would evacuate London from in the event of an emergency!)

Head for the National Rail train station (you have to go through it to exit Marlebone tube station).

At Marlebone train station get onto any train to High Wycombe - they run about 4 times per hour. There is a very clear departure display at Marlebone station. A day return is less than £10. All of the trains are run by Chiltern railways and you don't really even need a timetable. Call TrainTrackerâ„¢ on 0871 200-49-50 for timetable info.

  • Fast non-stop train - once per hour - no stops or very few - takes about 20-25 mins
  • Standard train - several stops on the way (Wembley Stadium / Denham / Beaconsfield) - takes about 40-50 mins

At High Wycombe take a 5 min taxi ride to Kitchener Road (about £5.00) or a 20 min walk. The property number will be in your booking confirmation.

  • 99% of the time several taxis will be waiting for directly outside the station
  • If there is not then just call
    • Royal Cars 01494 513 513 or
    • Tiger Taxis 01494 461 111 or
    • Capital Cars 01494 52 11 22

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