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Corporate Services


Strategic NLP Consulting

The application of NLP to an entire organisation.

Executive NLP Based Coaching

Helping managers and executives to achieve best personal performance.

Stress Evaluation and Management

If for legal reasons you need to demonstrate that you are under undue stress then we can assist.

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Corporate NLP consulting

NLP combined with system dynamics modelling can be a powerful strategic management tool. System dynamics modelling views an organisation as being a complex set of inter-related systems including people, technology and processes. NLP modelling identifies where conflicts exist between aspects of the overall system.

Executive NLP Based Coaching

Today you as well as many individuals, business executives, managers and entrepreneurs may be seeking ways to become more effective in business and have a more fulfilling, meaningful and balanced life.

Life coaching is not therapy - it seeks to help you to come to grips with those "big picture" issues that life tends to throw at us. One of the key techniques used is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Psychology).

You may perhaps want to successfully refocus your life from what you "think" you "should" do to something more "meaningful" and discover a new sense of purpose.

You may be searching for a "balance" in your everyday life to be happier and more productive.

You may be feeling that you have paid too high a price for success and need to focus on the true costs, tangible and intangible.

Stress evaluation, measurement and management service

In 1985 The Sunday Times commissioned a study by Professor Cary Cooper about stress in the workplace. In 1997 the paper commissioned a further study and it quickly became apparent that almost every job in Britain had become more stressful than it had been just over a decade previously.

In a recent case the House of Lords has confirmed that employers are liable to pay compensation for workplace stress only if the employee’s illness was foreseeable and the employer failed to take reasonable steps to prevent it.

In Barber v Somerset County Council, the House of Lords ruled that an employer will usually be entitled to assume that an employee can withstand the normal pressures of the job, unless the employer knows of some particular problem or vulnerability. An employer is also entitled to take what he is told by an employee at face value and does not generally have to make searching inquiries of the employee. In practice, each case will turn on its individual facts, with a consideration of what, if any, steps an employer could and should have taken, before finding them in breach of their duty of care.

John Walker successfully sued his employers, Northumberland County Council, claiming that he had suffered a nervous breakdown as a result of the pressures of work. The Courts accepted that employers have a duty which extends not only to their employees’ physical health but also their mental health. Scores of similar cases are currently being prepared on behalf of employees with stress-related problems. Exit More...

For employees

If, as an employee, for legal reasons you need to demonstrate that you are under undue stress then we can assist by:

  • Providing a tangible measure of your baseline level of stress
  • Evaluate how stress features in your life and the causes of that stress
  • Provide a detailed written report specifically for legal purposes

The work involved in the evaluation is treated for costing purposes as a single extended session inclusive of report writing etc.

For employers

As an employer you have a legal duty to provide a reasonably stress free working environment. If you choose not to do so your employees may be entitled to seek compensation. All it takes is one letter from a GP signing someone off from work with a reason specified as "stress". At that point unless you have documented stress management countermeasures you do not have a case and will probably be advised to settle out of court.

We help you to generate that documented evidential trail by working with you to put in place an effective employee stress management solution.

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