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Progressive Relaxation
    Only 4.99
Trance is induced through progressive relaxation of muscle groups. Safe to use with weight patients and the depressed.


Accelerated Learning - Rapid Version
    Only 2.49
Studying for a set period of time is encouraged, as is self hypnosis in order to maximise focus on and interest in studying to facilitate better transfer into long term memory and faster retrieval.

Alcohol Cessation Door Opener
    Only 4.99
This script is designed to set the scene for alcohol cessation. Attention is drawn to the negative effects of alcohol consumption current and future. There is a strong emphasis on the ability to control behaviour and hence influence the future. At the close the choice is left to the patient.

Anger Management
    Only 4.99
The emphasis of this approach is to reinforce that we are in control of our thoughts and feelings, and certainly in control of how we choose to respond. Two in the moment calming strategies are also included (breathing / countdown based) and are linked to the first signs of inappropriate anger.

Anxiety Control
    Only 2.49
This brief anxiety control approach emphasises control and choice in relation to thoughts about the future in order to further balance locus of control.

Ego strengthening
    Only 4.99
Ego strengthening based on Hartland's original approach. The script is now suitable for use with the depressed and the overweight.

Healing White Light
    Only 4.99
An esoteric apporach to general healing of the mind and body.


Rapid Deep Sleep
    Only 4.99
This approach builds upon the muscular relaxation of the progressive relaxation induction in order to encourage and condition natural deep sleep. Can be used to maximise the benefit from sleep or to overcome insomnia.

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