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For use by professional hypnotherapists or for use with self-hypnosis

Types of approach

The range of approaches that we usilise spans from simple direct suggestion, through to Ericksonian approaches, through to esoteric apporaches and everything in between!

Some of the scripts are based on well established techniques that have been around for some years. We have modernised these scripts and removed the aspects that used to preclude more general use.

Who writes them?

All of the scripts are written by well established professional hypnotherapists using a standard linguistic apporach. This ensures continuity and quality conformity.

What format are they in?

The scripts are in PDF format and are very easy to download in terms of file size.

The format within each is designed to be exceptionally easy to read and use. You will not find any huge blocks of text that are impossible to follow in any of our scripts. We use bullet point styles and readable fonts throughout.

What about copyright?

If you want to use any of the script as a basis for hypnotherapy recordings then you need to let us know and pay for the right to do so.

If you are using the scripts for your own use or the use of your patients then there are no additional costs. Copying and onward distribution by any means to others (besides as part of the therapy process) is not permitted.

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