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If using the web shop to pay for sessions please note that the transaction must be actioned before the day of the session to enable the transfer to be fully confirmed.


Please see for details relating to psychotherapy software products including EMDR, CBT and NLP software products.

Audio CDs

Please do not order audio CDs if you have audio systems that cannot read the CDR format. We will replace any audio CDs that are damaged in transit or unreadable if they are returned to us for evaluation.


Web Shop prices may vary at any time but will always be about 4% greater than the price listed in the "payment by cheque" areas of the appropriate website (Changing States or Neuro Innovation).


All financial / personal details are handled by PayPal's highly secure servers (PayPal (Europe) Ltd. is regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom as an electronic money institution. PayPal FSA Register Number: 226056.)

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Hypnosis and hypnotherapy High Wycombe and Central London

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