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Introduction to NLP CPD Masterclass

Presented by: Bill Frost

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a personal philosophy and a large body of techniques that facilitate change. This course is designed to summarise the available tools and techniques, and will also seek to explain the philosophy that underpins them. This course is suitable for those with little or no experience of NLP that would like to learn more and will be as interactive as possible.

Detailed notes (approx 45 pages) will be provided and software based multimedia tools to automate some NLP techniques will be demonstrated where feasible.

You will learn...

  • About NLP
  • NLP Philosophy (The Pre-Suppositions)
  • NLP Communications Model
  • Primary Modalities (V/A/K)
  • Meta Model Questioning
  • Eye Accessing Cues
  • Motivation And Goals
  • NLP And Hypnosis (The Milton Model (A Model Of Hypnotic Language))
  • Techniques Overview (A top level overview of the many techniques available)
    • The Swish Technique
    • The Fast Phobia Technique
    • Time Based Techniques (AKA Timeline Therapy)
    • Thought Stopping Techniques
    • Anchoring
    • Sub Modality Shifts
  • Appendices
    • Sub Modality Shifts
    • Anchoring

This course can be followed by the more practical NLP Powertools course...

Bill Frost BSc(Hons), PDCHyp, NLP-MP, MBSCH. Bill migrated to hypnotherapy and NLP from the defence / information technology management sectors having trained with the LCCH and Neuro Energetics. He has been involved in various hypnotherapy research projects including the development of a series of computer based NLP / EMDR tools to assist therapists. Bill Frost has hypnotherapy practices in Central London and in High Wycombe and is a US trained NLP Master Practitioner. Bill is a senior lecturer for the LCCH, is a keen advocate of technology enhanced psychotherapy and is the founder of "Neuro Innovations".

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