Simplified fees and terms

High Wycombe / Skype based Fees

Hypnotherapy / NLP / EMDR / Timeline Therapy - Standard therapy session (approx 1.0 hours or 45 mins if online) - 60

Hypnotherapy / NLP / EMDR / Timeline Therapy - Extended therapy session (approx 1.5 hours or 1 hour 15 mins if online) - 90 (Generally used as the first session to facilitate rapid early change)

One session smoking cessation via hypnotherapy / NLP/ EMDR - up to 2 hrs - £160 (High Wycombe)

Life Coaching per meeting (30 mins) - 25 (£50 for 1 hour) (Possible alternative to follow-up sessions in some instances)

London based Fees

London based fees must be paid for the day before the session or at the time of booking.

Standard session 1.0 hrs - £90

Smoking cessation via hypnotherapy - 1.5 to 2.0 hrs - £260 (London)

The option to pay by Debit / Credit card is now available via our new Web Shop - payment must be made in advance of the session (Secure transactions are made via PayPal). Click here to access our web shop...

The following are included without additional cost for clients

  • Take home notes (often extensive)
  • Self-hypnosis CD(s)
  • Software Utilities as required (downloadable or on disk)
  • Access to client only web area
  • Limited eMail post session support if required
  • Stress level biofeedback tests (eg before and after)

Please note that we take your welfare seriously and make a commitment to your booking.

Please assist us by giving advanced notice of any changes.

Without notice being given in advance, a cancelled or rescheduled appointment will result in the following fees being payable:

  • Within 48 hours of the appointment will result in a 30% fee being charged.
  • Within 24 hours the fee will be 70%.
  • Failure to attend without notice will result in the full payment becoming due.

If you have an infectious illness e.g. cold / flu then please reschedule as early as possible.

Standard pre-recorded CDs - £10 - free of charge for clients (Click here to place your order)

Software is available from Neuro Innovations (e.g. smoking aversion & rapid mood change) - £10 - £15 per utility (Click here to order)

Free or very low cost treatment may be available by volunteering to be a practice patient for London based hypnotherapy students currently being tutored / supervised by Bill Frost. Contact Bill for details.

Customised CDs - from 20

All fees may be subject to change

Clinical Hypnotherapy is recognised by some private health schemes and is sometimes also available under the NHS. (NHS service provider costing number available).

The pricing structure above is designed to be open, honest and transparent. There are no hidden costs. If you would like to pay more then please just ask... Make contact today...

To book an appointment CLICK HERE or call 01494 471 762

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy High Wycombe and Central London

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