Counselling+ eMail and 1:1 counselling to start the process of change gradually or as post therapy support...

What is counselling?

Simply having someone to tell your troubles to can often be a great relief, but in the modern world people with the time and inclination to be good listeners are sometimes hard to find.

A counsellor does more than just lend an empathetic ear. They will help you to see and understand the process by which we can become trapped in our own issues and unable to see the wood for the trees. This insight can often enable us to make positive choices instead of being powerless victims.

Counselling provides a safe supportive environment to initially explore a range of issues. Counselling provides an objective, safe, confidential, non-judgemental and caring space to explore your issues.

It can be a means of helping you to deal with painful aspects of your life. Sometimes simply exploring issues can generate change and insight. Counselling+ offers a therapeutic relationship which will support you in your decision making and in drawing upon your own inner resources.

What is counselling+?

Counselling+ takes the best aspects of Client Centred / Goal Focused counselling and merges them with the best aspects of NLP and NLP Life Coaching.

Counselling+ is an excellent precursor to therapy using Timeline Techniques, Clinical Hypnotherapy or EMDR. Counselling+ loosens the concrete and therapy rebuilds the house if that is required. Importantly if you do choose to undertake therapy there is no need to re-explain your issues. Counselling+ can also be used after the conclusion of formal therapy to tie up any loose ends.

Some psychotherapeutic techniques may be used in a limited way to assist the process of change, but Counselling+ is not active psychotherapy as such.

Online eMail Counselling+ or Face to Face Counselling+?


Please note that email counselling is not appropriate for those experiencing specific suicidal feelings or if you are in a dangerous crisis where you, or someone close to you is at risk of injury.

If you are feeling suicidal, please contact your doctor or an organisation such as The Samaritans immediately.

Changing States adheres to the BACP ethical framework. Exit

Online Counselling+ via eMail

Online Counselling+ via eMail allows you to receive help in your own time, in the privacy of your own home, without having to take time off work or needing to arrange child care.
  • £20 for one email response from me or (payment in advance via PayPal)
  • £50 for 3 email responses (payment in advance via PayPal)
  • A detailed 'intake' form guides you through the process of explaining what your issue is to ensure that responses are effective
    • eMails / phone calls to gather sufficient information are provided as part of the service (i.e. there is no additional charge).
eMail Counselling - Intake Form => PayPal Payment

Face to Face Counselling+

Face to Face Counselling+ allows you to get away from your home environment (which may be part of the problem). By doing so this can enable you to see things in new ways.
  • £30 for one 45 min - 1 hour session or
  • £100 for 4 sessions
Click here to pay via PayPal
Click here to book an appointment (Pay via PayPal or on the day)

Counselling+ can help with?

Anything that is worrying you and disrupting your normal work, study or personal life can be talked over in counselling. For example, problems with relationships, friendships, family issues, bereavement, anxiety, stress, depression, sexual problems, sleeplessness, substance misuse, eating problems, difficulties in concentrating or focussing on studies. Often students are not sure why they are coming when they first arrive, they just know that things are not OK for them.

What actually happens?

Counselling+ is not about giving advice, but does explore your options fully. The counsellor is there to help you identify and understand the nature of the issue and the available solutions. The counsellor can help you to gain perspective and see things as they really are. This can enable you make appropriate choices.

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