Hypnotherapy / NLP Techniques Live Audio CD
(10.4 hrs / 570 Mb / 43 recordings)

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All too often when training to become a hypnotherapist, or even as an experienced hypnotherapist, it can be difficult to translate paper-based techniques into something that can be used in the therapy room.

The purpose of that CD is to bridge that gap by providing audio session examples covering many of the most important hypnotherapy and NLP techniques. All of the recordings are anonimised "live" recordings of Bill Frost working with volunteer patients, friends and other therapists. The sessions have not been staged - you will be listening to reality which means that sometimes things do not always go as planned! The recordings have been edited to assure confidentiality but are otherwise intact.

This extensive audio reference CD is only suitable for hypnotherapy trainees / trained therapists.

The CD includes the following live recordings (Approx 570 Mb / 10.4 hours / 43 files):

  • 1 Anchoring
  • 2 Automatic Writing
  • 3 Aversion Therapy
  • 4 Confusional Techniques
  • 5 Control Room of the Mind
  • 6 Dissociation as a Deepener
  • 7 Dissociation Hand Levitation
  • 8 Fast Phobia Technique NLP
  • 9 Fattening Foods Weight Control
  • 10 Free Floating Pseudo Orientation in Time
  • 11 Free Floating Regression
  • 12 Garden Generic Healing Script
  • 13 Glove Anaesthesia
  • 14 Group Induction
  • 15 Hand Rotation Deepener
  • 16 Healing the Inner Child
  • 17 Healthy Eating
  • 18 Hypno Desensitisation
  • 19 IMR Dissociation Therapy
  • 20 Interspersal Technique
  • 21 Magnetic Field Induction
  • 22 Mask Dissociation Technique
  • 23 Memory Substitution
  • 24 Minds Eye Deepener Induction
  • 25 Modifying Negative Thought Patterns via the Swish technique NLP
  • 26 Mountain Metaphor for Anxiety
  • 27 Multiple Part Dissociation
  • 28 One Part Dissociation
  • 29 Pain Control Technique NLP
  • 30 Past Life Regression
  • 31 Pattern Breaking Inductions
  • 32 Peripheral Vision Technique NLP
  • 33 Pseudo Orientation in Time
  • 34 Reversing Subjective Time
  • 35 Rhythmic Eye Movement Induction
  • 36 Self Integration Dissociation
  • 37 Specific Age Regression
  • 38 Sub Modality Shifts NLP
  • 39 Suggested Amnesia
  • 40 Swish Technique NLP
  • 41 Time Distortion Induction
  • 42 Use of Negative
  • 43 Wise Old Person

BILL FROST BSc(Hons), PDCHyp, NLP-MP, MBSCH. Bill migrated to hypnotherapy from the defense / information technology management sectors having trained with the LCCH. He has been involved in various hypnotherapy research projects including the development of a series of computer based NLP / EMDR tools to assist therapists. He has practices in Central London and in High Wycombe and is a US trained NLP Master Practitioner. Bill also lectures in the UK and abroad for the LCCH (London College opf Clinical Hypnosis).

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