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Brief workshops and talks are arranged on an ad-hoc basis as required by the event in question. One example was a pre-AGM Workshop conducted for the Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia (AFPM). This workshop covered the following:

The role of hypnotherapy in the treatment of essential hypertension was explored during a 30 minute presentation that included a brief demonstration of the power of hypnotic suggestion. Bill Frost explained how hypnotherapy can be used to directly reduce blood pressure via relaxation and suggestion, and how hypnotherapy can also be used to effect more permanent change by influencing emotional and behavioral responses.

It was explained that hypertensive emotional responses that can be influenced using hypnotherapy included: stress / live-work balance / emotional conflicts / anxiety and anger, behavioral responses included: smoking cessation / alcohol control / recreational drug use cessation / regular taking of medication and necessary dietary changes.

The workshop attendees were then divided into groups and provided with a typical essential hypertension case history. A hypnotherapeutic treatment plan was then constructed and presented by each of the groups. It was concluded that clinical hypnotherapy has an important role to play in the treatment of essential hypertension for a wide variety of patients.

BILL FROST BSc(Hons), PDCHyp, NLP-MP, DBSCH. Bill migrated to hypnotherapy from the defense / information technology management sectors having trained with the LCCH. He has been involved in various hypnotherapy research projects including the development of a series of computer based NLP / EMDR tools to assist therapists. He has practices in Central London and in High Wycombe and is a US trained NLP Master Practitioner. Bill also lectures in the UK and abroad for the LCCH.

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